Dolphin Swim Ocean Secrets


Swim with Dolphins

Dolphin Swim Ocean Secrets is the ideal swim with Dolphins experience for those who know and enjoy swimming in deeper waters, as it offers an incredible ride with these Marine Mammals that allows you to look at them closer, interact with them, and perform majestic underwater movements.

Without a doubt, the experience will lead you to discover why caring for the oceans is essential in our daily lives. At the same time, you enjoy the fascinating behaviors of our marine family.

Visit Dolphinaris, and discover the magic of the ocean’s depths!


$119 USD
$89.25 USD

Experience Time at Dolphinaris

  • Introduction to Dolphin Behavior and Physiology
  • Dolphin Kiss
  • Fin salute.
  • Hug
  • Interaction
  • High Target
  • Dolphin Songs
  • Water wars
  • Free jump exhibition
  • Belly Ride
  • Includes Fun Admission to Ventura Park
  • Access to the buffet once
  • National open bar in the Dolphinaris area
  • They can participate from 1 year of age. Children from 6 to 12 years of age will be considered minors and must pay a ticket.
  • Infants up to 1.20 meters tall enter the Dolphin Swim Fintastic and Dolphin Swim Ocean Secrets experience for free and must complete the swimming with Dolphins experience with a paying adult.
  • For your safety, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the Dolphin Swim Fintastic and Dolphin Swim Ocean Secrets experience, so they must remain in the observation area with their other companions.
  • The use of sunscreen and bronzer is not allowed during the swimming with Dolphins experience.
  • It is prohibited to carry any jewelry or accessories, personal belongings, or electronic devices during the swimming experience and in the Dolphin area.
  • We recommend you bring an extra change of clothes and cash to buy souvenirs and photos. Or preserve your magical moments by purchasing your photo package in the additional services when making your reservation on our website.
  • Book online in advance. All our Swim with Dolphins experiences are highly demanded. 
  • In case of attending with infants, before finalizing your reservation process, please add in the comments section the number of them that will carry out the swimming experience.

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