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Respiratory Physiology in cetaceans

Dolphins have always been revered for their high level of intelligence. They have been known for their human like characteristics. It is these similar human like characteristics, in the area of the dolphins respiration, which is being researched down in Dolphinaris Riviera Maya by Dr. Andreas Fahlman, Assistant Professor of Life Sciences, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Dolphinaris training and veterinary staff.

They have been conducting the research with a group of students from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi measuring the dolphins respiratory flow rates, as well as the oxygen and carbon dioxide expended by them, by using a tool known as pneumotachometer. This diagnostic equipment measures the dolphin’s respiratory system as they breathe; the main objective is to provide data that will increase the Dolphin’s overall state of health.

To better improve the life of the dolphins, the team will be looking at the mechanics of the dolphins breathing and the collected data will also provide baseline values for healthy dolphins, or what is normal. Hopefully, in a near future, this information can then be used for early detection of disease both under human care and wild animals. Working with trained animals that participate in research studies voluntarily provides an remarkable opportunity to make direct measurements under physiologically normal conditions.

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